FacilitationDo you have a need to improve group communication, build consensus, and reach closure with your meetings?  Have you ever considered hiring a trained facilitator who can make your meeting more productive?  Professional group facilitation by Joe Herrity can help your group or organization be more productive, “break through”, and move forward.

Serving as a neutral facilitator in group problem solving or strategic planning retreats, Joe brings over 35 years of experience in public policy, education administration, community education/development, before and afterschool programs, and service-learning.  He has worked with groups and organizations of all sizes in retreat settings to community forums to board rooms.  He works with you and your organization to achieve both short and long term goals and objectives so meetings are productive and not time wasters.  Statistics show that American professionals lose an average of 31 hours per month in unproductive meetings.

A trained facilitator can help your organization be more effective and productive.  Let Joe Herrity at Preferred Visions help your organization today!